About us!

Intelligent and innovative solutions that result in quality products.


ECO-PhY is a company, created within the most modern management techniques, that values creativity and innovation in the search for results that surpass the client’s goals.

With an experienced, creative and flexible technical team, a highly efficient management structure and the most advanced available IT resources, Eco-PhY differentiates itself from traditional companies by the high technical quality of its products and a holistic view of the needs of the customers.


Our IT environment is consistently aligned with best practices related to the deployment and management of IT services.

▲ ITIL – IT Management

▲ ISSO 27002 – Information Security Management

▲ Up-to-date infrastructure with Windows Server based Dell Servers and sacurity perimeter based in NFG (Next Firewall Generation), backup redundancy, DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan), ServiceDesk with SLA and Training.

Sobre a Eco-PhY


We promote clear and objective communication with our clients, suppliers and employees aiming at excellence in interpersonal relationships.

Professional Ethics:

Our actions are guided by a professional ethic that contemplates the respect to the human rights and the fulfillment of the civic duties aiming at the improvement of our society.


ECO-PhY has experienced professionals in a solid, efficient and well-managed structure that guarantees an excellent cost-benefit ratio for its clients.

The Macro Organizational Structure provides for two independent sub-structures for each business unit, as follows:

▲ Business Unit Engineering Services

▲Business Unit Contamination Control Systems

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